How it Works?
1. Cast

Hold the red button down, and release.
The longer you press it, the further it will go.

2. Reel it in!

Push the button multiple times.
The faster you repeat this, the quicker you reel in your line.

3. A fish bites!

See (2), but now as hard as you can!
Get it before it swims away.

What is MobyDick2 ?

This Java applet enables you to spend some quality time fishing, when you should likely be working!. It's a Single Button Fishing Simulator™, which makes it almost as complicated as the real life variant!

Get Java

You'll need a Java plugin to play this game. Download from:


There are two game modes:

Leisure : Just keep fishing 'til the end of days. Don't worry about the time. When you catch a fish, a new one will appear.

Sport : Catch the fish as fast as you can, until you've caught them all. Try to beat your time!

Game is provided courtesy of Arvid Halma.

MobyDick2 Copyright © 2003,

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